Fundamentals of Ballistics

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This course aims to develop an understanding of the factors affecting

(a) the dynamics of ammunition during launch and during flight, and

(b) the aerodynamics of guided weapons.

The course is intended for both civilian and military staffs with responsibilities for ordinance, munitions and explosives.

Learning objectives

– Appraise the internal and external ballistics of a gun and its ammunition

– Critically analyse the key points and significance of travel-pressure curves and their relevance to the performance of a gun

– Calculate the energy transferred to a projectile in a gun barrel

– Evaluate the effect of propellant mass, shape and size on gun performance

– Assess the forces and moments acting on the projectile in flight and explain how a projectile may become unstable

– Calculate simplified projectile mechanics including rigid body motion relating to translation, rotation and gyroscopic effects

– Apply the fundamental laws of fluid mechanics, gas dynamics and aerodynamics to subsonic and supersonic missile systems

About the course

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