Military Ground Vehicle Dynamics

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The aim of this course is to provide a fundamental understanding of vehicle dynamics (ride and handling) as applied to both wheeled and tracked military vehicles. Depending upon the depth and learning required, course duration from 5 days to 20 days (one month) can be offered in slots of 5 days per module. This is to ensure that our academics can simultaneously fulfil both their local and international commitments

This course is intended for both civilian and military staffs with responsibilities for vehicle handling of both wheeled and tracked platforms.

Learning objectives

Categorise and appraise the elements and systems that form the vehicle powertrain and chassis, giving typical examples for military vehicles

Analyse the fundamentals of engine and transmission design principles and relate them to the preference of diesel engines in military applications

Analyse the interaction between the vehicle and different ground types and interpret the results in relation to its mobility and performance

Evaluate the requirements for a military vehicle in relation to its means of propulsion systems and produce a clear and concise report on the outcome.

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About the course

  1. This course is only available for group booking. 
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