Military Vehicle Mobility

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BOXER for the British Army


The course will provide a detailed overview of the development of Next Generation -NATO Reference Mobility Model (NG-NRMM). After an introduction to NRMM and the vehicle mobility problem, the majority of the course is focused around NG-NRMM techniques. NG-NRMM leverage mobility prediction with current state of the art 3D physics based modelling and simulation of the ground vehicle and its terrain interaction typical of ground combat operations. The technical sessions cover the individual contents of the NG-NRMM along with basic mobility and terramechanics theories and applications. The study of NG-NRMM will include terrain data collection and mapping, simple and complex terramechanics, model testing and validation and uncertainty treatment. The limitations, challenges and future trends will also be discussed. Lectures will be complemented by Audio-Visual material and the tutorial sessions.

Learning objectives

The course is designed to give a concise but comprehensive account of the theory and application of the military vehicle mobility. Particular reference will be made to modern developments in the modelling and the simulation of NG-NRMM which will aid the students to identify strength and weaknesses of the current approach and areas where future improvements could be made.

Who should attend?

This course is appropriate to graduate engineers and technicians in the DOD sector, research establishments and industry who need to have an understanding of the military vehicle mobility in their work which includes design, research and development or production and vehicle acquisition as well as operations.

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